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Production Years

Initially produced Notchbacks, Squarebacks and the Type 34 Karmann Ghia. The Ghia was not produced after 1969, with a total production run of about 43,000. It is estimated about 2,000 survive.

In 1966 the Fastback model was introduced. This had the same Type 31 as the Notchback, and there are apparently no records of production numbers that separate the two, so it's hard to say how many of each were produced, but numbers in the Type 3 Registry indicate that approximately equal numbers of Fastbacks and Notchbacks were made. This is about 24% each, but Ghias are over-represented in the current registry. Historically probably Fastbacks and Notches were 26% each, then 46% for the Squareback and less than 2% for the Type 34 Ghia.

End of Production

  • VW moving to water-cooled Rabbit, Fox, etc. because of emissions regulations, safety?
  • Not as successful as desired - market conditions?