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Welcome to the Type 3 Wiki

The Volkswagen Type 3 (sold as the Volkswagen 1500 and later the Volkswagen 1600) was a compact car manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen (VW), introduced at the 1961 Frankfurt Motor Show, Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) and ultimately available in two-door Sedan (Notchback), Variant (Squareback or Station Wagon), Karmann Ghia and Fastback (TC) variants.

The Type 3 diversified Volkswagen's product range beyond the existing models — the Type 1 (Beetle), Type 14 Karmann Ghia, Type 2 (Bus) — while retaining their engineering principles, notably the air-cooled engine and the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

For more history on on the development please see the Wikipedia entry for Volkswagen Type 3's and our own Type 3 History section.

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German Produced Type 3 / 34's

History Development, and production from 1961-1973

Production Numbers for years 1961 - 1973 for Type 3's and Type 34's Courtesy of

Year-by-Year changes How to tell an early from a late, and much more, with pictures, including progressive refinements

Special Models Special German-Made Type 3's with limited or no production

Accessories Catalog of Type 3 / Type 34 Accessories

Toys & Collectibles of Type 3 / Type 34's - Needs Content

Brazilian Produced Type 3's

History Development, and production from 1968-1981

Technical Talk

Aftermarket - Currently available parts or conversion projects - Needs Content

Parts List Type 3 / Type 34 Parts List Books Scanned and converted to JPEG format

Service Manuals Type 3 / Type 34 Official Service Manuals Scanned and converted to JPEG

General Maintenance How to maintain your Type 3

Market Designations

Restoration Advice Restoration articles, tips and advice from experts

Tools of the trade Tools that you need, or need to find a friend who has these

Glossary Type 3 Glossary of terms used

Links Links to other Type 3 resources on the web

Type 3 FAQ / Common Questions Great thread on Type 3 Forums

Type 3 Model Numbers Courtesy of

Type 3 / Type 34 Color and Interior Combinations Courtesy of

Type 3 M-Codes Courtesy of

Type 34 M-Codes Courtesy of

Type 3 Wiring Diagrams Courtesy of

Type 3 VIN Numbers Courtesy of

Type 34 VIN Numbers Courtesy of

Parts Classifcations

For the following, it helps to know the Volkswagen parts classification system as described on (also see's description, but it may have minor discrepancies with the TCS listing).

  1. ENGINE - From the clutch to the cover tins
  2. FUEL, EXHAUST, HEATING SYSTEMS - fuel tank, exhaust, fresh air
  3. TRANSMISSION - Transmission
  4. FRONT END - Front axle, shocks and steering
  5. REAR AXLE - Rear axle, shocks and differential
  6. WHEELS BRAKES - Wheels and Brakes
  7. BUMPERS, LEVERS & PEDALS - Frame, bumper, hand and foot controls
  8. BODY - quarter panels, fenders, dash, windows, seats, mirrors
  9. ELECTRICAL - generator, coil, starter, lights, fuses, speedometer, windshield wiper, wiring harness

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